Some days, time just isn’t on your side. You’ve snoozed the alarm one too many times, or accidentally spent too long in the shower, maybe you got enthralled in a new blog post, or you decided that you completely HATE your favourite skirt today, and to make things worse your husband is telling you to hurry up every 5 minutes (which they should know, only makes us go slower!) OR you have kids.

Whatever the reason, you find yourself with 5 minutes or less to make your face look half decent. So you need to prioritise. You need products that work well, are easily applied and that make you FEEL GREAT!

Start with concealer, ideally a creamy one like Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. Dab this lightly under your eyes, working along the lash line, using your fingers (this will warm the product as you work so that it spreads quicker and easier).

Next even out skin tone with a foundation or tinted moisturiser. Choose something lightweight, as they are usually easier to blend. If you can use your fingers to apply it too that’s even better. That brush is never at hand when your in a rush. Apply to your T-Zone and blend outwards towards the edges of your face. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick is great for this, as it can be used for concealer too. BAM! Base done in 1 minute!

Now add some colour. Bronzer or blush. If you’re a bronzer girl like me, then you wont feel right without it so best to skip blush, just add a little more bronzer to your cheeks instead. Or if you can’t live without blush, add a touch of a soft colour high on your cheekbones and blend well. Remember, keep it light. It takes a LONG time to remove Bridget Jones style blush, and you’ll take your base with it too, and end up leaving the house more stressed than when you started.

The next step requires a choice, make it quickly because we are two minutes in and you don’t have any trousers on yet. The choice is this, eyes or lips. Personally I choose lips every time. Lipstick is the fastest and easiest way to make you look pulled together. I would go for something bright and creamy, like MAC Lady Danger, or Chatterbox.

But if you look like Dame Edna in lipstick then go for eyes, just keep it simple. One shade all over and liner. I am in love with Laura Mercier cream stick eye colour at the moment and Rose Gold is a gorgeous shade, light and shimmery, super quick to apply, and lasts all day too, bonus! Add a pencil liner along your top lash line and smudge the line that meets the shadow. This makes a soft smoky eye liner that doesn’t need to be perfect. Perfect!

Whether you choose eyes or lips to focus on, make sure you add a little definition to your brows, and a lick of mascara and you’re good to go. 4 minutes flat and you’re out the door. Just don’t forget to put your trousers on!