I was recently asked to provide tips on the perfect wedding make-up for a typical English Rose complexion, for handmade jewellery specialists Bently Jewellry, and their blog about all things weddings.


To really do the beautiful English rose complexion justice on your wedding day I would keep your make-up light, fresh and pretty.

Start with primers, I can’t stress enough how important it is to prime your skin before you apply your make-up. A good primer, something like Smashbox photo finish, will eliminate any excess oil in the skin and plump any fine lines to give you a perfect smooth canvas for make-up, as well as keeping everything in place throughout that long summers day!

Apply an eye primer at this point too, that way it will have dried by the time you come to apply your eye make-up.

Next, hydrate under eyes with a lightweight eye cream, before applying concealer. This is particularly important with fair skin. I swear by the Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer combo to hide any dark circles and brighten your peepers. The products work together to immediately lift and open your eyes, you’ll look like you’ve had a full 8 hours sleep. Even if you’ve woken up every hour thinking about that wretched table plan!

Even out your skin tone with foundation, something nice and lightweight that will enhance, not hide that lovely porcelain skin tone. Bobbi Brown skin foundation is great. It just feels like your own skin, but does the job of hiding any redness and unevenness. It comes in a great range of colours and the artists on counter will help you find your perfect match. They also do a handy handbag sized touch up stick in every colour to help with any pesky blemishes and to keep with you on the day.

Set the base with a lightweight powder, just down the center following the t-zone. Urban Decay Naked Skin Finishing Powder does the trick and gives a stunning soft focus effect.

Now, colour. When it comes to fair skin I like to skip bronzer which can make you look dull or just plain orange, and use two blushers instead. One lighter colour swept from the apples of your cheeks to your temple, and one brighter colour just on the apples. This technique creates the right balance of colour, enough so that you don’t look washed out in photos, but not too much face to face. Try Nars Sex Appeal and Gaiety.

Be sure to add definition to your eye brows. Use light strokes with a firm short brush and a matte eye shadow colour that matches your hair and brows, or somewhere in between.

You’ve already primed your eyes so you’re ready to hit the shadow. Apply a white or ivory matte base all over, from lash to brow.

I would choose a natural mid colour for the lid such as MAC Naked and blend a slightly lighter colour into the crease, like MAC Shroom. Blend well and add more of your base colour on the brow bone.

To achieve a perfectly defined look use Bobbi brown black gel eyeliner to draw a medium thickness line along the lash line. Making sure its thinner on the inside and slightly thicker to the outer edge.

If you like a bit of glitz, add Bobbi Brown silver moon eye shadow over your lids, this instantly makes your eyes sparkle.

Apply two to three coats of waterproof mascara to the top lashes and one to two to the bottom lashes. Lancome hypnose waterproof will withstand any happy tears.

Choose a lip colour that is one shade brighter than your natural lip. Topshop do a great range of colours and textures.  And I also love YSL Rouge Volupte in Rose Culte. To gloss or not to gloss is entirely up to you (and your husband to be, probably).

Your make up will stay put all day, through the summer sun, the tears, and the dancing. Make time if you can for a couple of touch ups, keep a kit with you with blotting papers, touch up stick, powder, the brighter blush, and your lipstick. But that’s all you will need, and if you’re anything like I was on my wedding day, you’ll be too busy enjoying every moment to worry about how your make-up looks. And besides you’ll be wearing the most beautiful make up product of all. Happiness.

Anna Horton