I hear the words ” I want to look natural” constantly. And why wouldn’t you want to look natural on your wedding day? If you wear minimal make-up every day,  the thought of being caked in make-up on a day where you want to feel at your most beautiful can be daunting and just down right scary!

I hear so many myths that you MUST wear foundation and you MUST wear lipstick.

Personally I believe that you MUST feel comfortable and you MUST  look like yourself.

The only rules for your wedding make-up are as follows;

You do want your make-up to last, so primers are essential.

You do need a little colour so that you don’t look washed out in photographs.

And you need a little definition, through brows, eyes and lips.

But thats about it! So if you feel perfect in your tinted moisturiser or wonderful without eyeliner. Thats you, let your inner beauty shine through and be yourself, thats what matters.

Here are some photographs of a recent perfectly natural bride, Rebecca from Oxford. Who Im sure you will agree looks absolutely beautiful, in her own marvellously minimal way!