Bridal Beauty Checklist

I’m a huge fan of a list, shopping lists, to do lists, if it involves writing it down and checking it off, i’m all for it. So when it came to my beauty routine for my wedding, a checklist was a must!

I thought I’d share my list with all you brides to be out there, hope it helps.

  • 6 weeks prior- Tan

To tan or not to tan, that is the age old question. If you’re naturally fair and never tan, don’t. Stay as you are. If you’re like me and feel ten times better with a bit of color, then tan time it is. I’m a fake tan girl all the way (unless we’re talking glorious natural sunshine) so a practice is a must. I always do my tan myself and use of Xen Tan or Crazy Angel.

If you aren’t confident tanning yourself or cant be bothered trying to bend yourself into contortionist positions to do your back, then a spray tan it is. Have a look at Sienna for a range of colors. Make a note of which day your tan looks the best after the application, then plan that in on the appropriate pre wedding day!

  • 4 weeks prior- DIY facials

I must admit I have only ever had one facial after college. I don’t particularly enjoy them. Its a bit too ‘in your face’ for me (like what i did there?) So a few of weeks before my wedding I started doing my own using Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains mixed with my own cleanser, followed by 2 beautiful masks by Sisley. Firstly Radient Glow Express Mask which gives my skin the most amazing smooth effect, then the Express Flower Gel mask which gives my skin a glow that I’ve never achieved with another mask. These are very pricey products, but for the money you would spend if you had a few facials before hand, you have these two amazing products that will last a good year! Win Win!

  • A few days prior- Hair removal

Work this for after your tan if you’re having one. I’d recommend 2-3 days before, just purely because whatever your hair removal method of choice, its usually painful, and no-one needs that kind of pain any closer than necessary to their wedding day!

  • 2 days prior- Eyebrows and eyelashes

I am obsessed with eyebrows, I love a perfectly defined freshly threaded and tinted brow. It frames your eyes and also helps you look beautiful in those dreaded no make-up pictures on the wedding morning.I always suggest having an eyelash tint before the big day, especially for the blondes, it just makes your eyes pop. And consider having eyelash extensions too, I had Mink individual eyelashes ( at the brow bar in Browns of York) that I fell in love with, I had the shortest length and only half a set that were concentrated to the outer edge, and they looked so natural but made me feel like a princess!!

  • 1 day to go- Nails and body treatments

Its the day before!! You should be relaxing and just doing lovely last minute things like nails, toenails, body treatments and massages. If you’re going on honeymoon gel nails will last for a few weeks. I recommend OPI. And I am all about the body treatments, I was lucky enough to visit the Verbena Spa in Helmsley the day before my wedding and I had the Elemis Coconut Rub and Milk Ritual, and can highly recommend the Elemis Frangipani Moisture Drench too. Followed by a back dreamy back massage…absolute heaven!

So by now you’re set! Looking gorgeous and feeling refreshed and relaxed. If you are spending the night before with friends or family wear minimal make-up and let your pampered skin shine through.

All you have to do now is get married!